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    Gorillas are endangered and can be found in only 10 countries in Africa! Welcome to GorillaSaver where you can learn about gorillas, and instantly find ways to help to conserve them in Africa. Using our resource, learn about the different gorilla species; western gorillas (western lowland and cross river gorillas), eastern gorilla (mountain gorillas and eastern lowland gorillas), facts about gorillas, gorilla trekking, places where they live and more.

    Gorilla Conservation: Would you like to help save the mountain gorillas in the wild? Learn about the different ways in which you can get involved, which organizations to consider donating to, how you can volunteer or donate, gorilla park conservation, gorilla tourism and more.

      About Gorillas

    Learn about the gorillas, habitat, facts, their characters, conservation and more

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    Would you like to see the gorillas? Here is info about the countries and parks where they are found

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    Plan a gorilla trek in Africa – where to stay, gorilla watching trips, tour operators to use and more.

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    Eastern Lowland Gorilla

    Quick Facts About Gorillas

    There are two different species of gorilla – the eastern and western species. Each specie has with two sub-species.


    Eastern Gorillas

    • The mountain gorillas are an eastern gorilla sub-species. Though they are endangered species, the numbers are increasing thanks to various measures that have been taken by the host countries, non governmental organisations and various communities. There are only about 880 individuals of them and they are listed by the IUCN as ‘Critically Endangered’. They are found in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo and there are various gorilla safaris offered by tour operators to their natural habitats.
    • Eastern lowland gorillas, are spread out in various countries. There are around 5,000 and they are the largest sub-species of gorilla. Adult males have been known to reach 250kg, making them the world’s largest primate.

    Western Gorilla

    • Western Lowland Gorilla
      Less is known about the western lowland gorilla sub-species. They’re known to be more numerous, but are not friendly to humans. There are less chances of winning their trust given that they are terrified of humans. They can be found in Angola (Cabinda only), Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, DRC, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.
    • Cross River Gorilla
      The other western sub-species is the Cross River gorilla. They are the most endangered sub-species, and the hardest to see. The tiny population is divided into a dozen sub-populations across Nigeria (Cross River State only) and Cameroon’s South West Province.

    Conservation Safaris

    There are several safaris available for travelers intending to visit the mountain gorilas in Africa. These tours are provided by selected tour operators who offer safaris in Uganda and Rwanda. Join us on a conservation safari to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Mgahinga national park, Volcanoes National Park or Virunga National Park and support conservation. Have an incredible adventure and  stay within some of the selected camps and safari lodges, which helps us support community-based conservation projects. By doing so, you will directly improve the lives of the people living near the national parks, provide education and increase understanding of the importance of protecting our precious natural spaces & resources.