About Us

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About Us

Gorilla Saver is a non-profit project  aimed at creating awareness about gorillas in Africa. Established in 2013, the project is aimed at offering information about the gorillas in Africa, updates on where they stay, conservation projects, gorilla tourism and conservation and more. We hope that you will get to know everything about gorillas through our Meet the Gorila pages and continue to receive updates in our regular email updates.

We offer various ways through which one can protect the gorillas. Supporters to the project can help in various ways;

  • Create a personal connection with individual gorillas through the Friend a Gorilla Project program.
  • Take a gorilla tour through a responsible tour operator listed on our website
  • Donate directly to the gorilla conservation organizations.


Our Mission

To create awareness about gorillas in Africa and a create a safe lifelong and sustainable care of gorillas in Africa.

Our Philosophy

We invite you to get the latest about what is happening at the sanctuary through our News & Updates. Follow the Gorilla Saver on Facebook and you’ll enjoy the regular photo shares and engaging stories.

Please contact us with any questions at info@gorillasaver.com. Thank you for supporting Gorilla Saver. We couldn’t do it without you!