About Dian Fossey : The found Of Rwanda Gorilla

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People from different parts of world visit Rwanda for mountain gorilla trekking safari and Dian Fossey but they do not Know how real Dian Fosse was, here is a summary of her life.  She was born in San Francisco, California and was a daughter of Kathryn Kitty, a fashion model.

Gorilla Watching Rules & Guidelines

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Mountain Gorilla Tracking in the three countries of Rwanda, Uganda and the democratic republic of Congo is regarded as the major tourist activities among those countries. After embracing gorilla tourism in these countries, strict rules were set to guide tourists taking gorilla safaris into the protected areas. These rules were

How to Protect Endangered Gorillas

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Mountain gorillas are primates that are highly endangered and currently inhabiting the forested jungles in only three countries on earth (Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo) at an estimated population of 900 on the whole planet. The number of mountain gorillas was greatly reduced by the increased poaching as well as