Rwanda Gorilla Permit Increase – What It Means to Tourism

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Gorilla tourism is perhaps the main adventure that attracts thousands to Africa for holidays and leisure but its gate pass price increase has instead promoted gorilla tourism in the region than never before. This is evidenced in countries like Uganda, Congo,and Rwanda that famed to the world for great gorilla

The Mystery Surrounding Dian Fossey

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Dian Fossy was an American zoologist who spent the better part of her life at a remote camp high up on the slopes of the virungas studying the mountain gorillas. Without her tenacious efforts to have poaching stamped out, and the work of commited local since her violent murder, there

The Morphological Discussion Between Human Race And Gorillas

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Formerly, Human beings were separated and put in their own taxonomic family known as the hominidae while the apes were normally put under the pongidae.This separation was mainly based on certain anatomical specialisations, mainly the highly developed human brain and the unique locomotion. More recently, most experts have concluded that

Mountain Gorilla Crisis Call for More Conservation Efforts

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Mountain Gorillas are magical creatures which amuse every tourist no matter how hard one can be and most tourists only look at meeting up the Gorilla permit price $750 than boosting the gorilla conservation project which often struggle for the survival of the beautiful apes which draw every tourists a

Gorilla Trekking In Uganda, Rwanda And Congo

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Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo are the few gifted countries in the world to host the endangered remaining mountain gorillas, and there are four national parks where tracking these apes are done, in Uganda mountain gorillas are found in the rain forest of Bwindi impenetrable national park,

Comparing Gorilla Tracking in Uganda & Rwanda

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Without any doubt, Uganda and Rwanda are known as the best destinations for gorilla tracking in the whole world, however truth it may be, there has been several debates in contrast which provides the finest regard to gorilla trekking experience, and photography. It must be put into consideration that mountain

Must Pack List For Mountain Gorilla Tracking

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For any traveler to either Rwanda,Uganda or Congo for gorilla tracking, below is what you should not forget before you enter the wild to begin the activity of searching mountain gorillas one of its kind adventurous activities on earth. Bag A bag is very vital as it will help you

Recommended Walks & Hikes in Rwanda & DR Congo

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There is nothing awesome and adventurous like the Rwanda and Congo forest walks and hikes in rolling hills, mountains and volcanoes. Spectacular views make the day more colourful and lovely as you experience the world wonders in Africa. Great & leisure hikers enjoy their stay as they walk through the

Support Local Businesses & Community Projects

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The world records today show a gradual increase in tourism growth depending on location. It is observed as one of the fastest and largest growing industries in the world today.This can however impact on the remaining biodiversity habitats and indigenous cultures that tend to support mass tourism. As of this,

Kwita Izina Boosts Rwanda’s Tourism

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The annual gorilla naming ceremony that is to be held on 5th September 2015 has been reported to be be a big boost to rwanda’s tourism industry. Here is a reproduction of an interview between the New Times Rwanda reporter and Peninah Kamagaju one of the local guides in Rwanda.