18 Jul No Comments Konde Moses Gorilla Treks

Gorilla tracking has been a dominant activity and none the less a must do activity by every person who tours Uganda and DR.Congo. And for sure any person who leaves Uganda minus gorilla tracking doesn’t count himself as the best traveler.

Gorilla tracking in Uganda is done from three national parks both Bwindi impenetrable and Mgahinga National parks in the south western Uganda and the Virunga national park in the south east of DR.Congo. Uganda inhabits over 400 endangered mountain gorillas of the world’s left gorillas; this has attracted visitors from a number of countries to enjoy these wonderful primates. Since gorillas are known to be vegetarians, Bwindi impenetrable as the name suggests has thick forest with numerous tree species, weeds and fruits from which gorillas feed on.

Gorilla tickets in Uganda are set at an affordable price of $600 and gorilla habituation experience at $1500 whereas tickets for gorilla tracking at Virunga National Park cost at $400. Reaching gorillas is the most interesting memorable moment due to the fact that the way how they almost have characters relating to those of human beings. The way how female gorillas give care and attention to their babies whereby while moving from one place to another babies are can be seen on the backs of their mothers.

The male ones are said to be the giants of the forest and these boost around the bush due to privileges and responsibilities they have including searching for food for the entire family and giving protection and leading the family to all places of movements. While enjoying all these, silver back’s gorillas are said to be friendly to people though they become suspicious to people who goes closer to their babies and to those who act in any manner relating to intimidation.

In Uganda gorilla tracking starts early in the morning in all the two park of Mgahinga and Bwindi whereby all the trekkers are required to report at the park at 7am for briefing and the journey starts at exactly 8am along the trails within the forest as well as at Virunga national park in DR.Congo. For every visiting group, visitors are given forest rangers that are well equipped with guns to give protection to the visitors while doing gorilla tracking. Looking for gorillas can take 3-4hours depending on where they decided to reside the last night.

Visitors are given only one hour to spend with the gorillas this is because gorillas can easily contract human infections early so here quick visitors can take gorilla photos and also enjoy the structural and physical appearance of the gorillas. Its so interesting that in all these parks, visitors can decide to camp or to sleep in lodges and these ranges from budget, mid range and luxury. At Bwindi around Buhoma, silver back lodge and Buhoma Community Rest Camp. At Mgahinga National Park camps such as Kisoro tourist hotel and Amajambere Iwacu camp and at Virunga national park in DR.Congo, Mikeno Lodge and the Bukima Tented Camp provides guests with incredible services on half and full board orders as required by the guests.