18 Sep No Comments Konde Moses Gorilla Treks

Gorillas are the rarest primates on the African continent and in the rest of the world, therefore Africa has got almost three countries with these apes and these include, Uganda, Rwanda and DRC Congo and Uganda having the largest number of about 400 endangered mountain gorillas which is a half of the world’s left gorillas. But surprisingly, these three countries have different gorilla trekking safaris permit prices due to the varying factors un outlined by these countries. A gorilla permit in Uganda is at $600, DR.Congo having the cheapest price at $400 and Rwanda having the highest prices at $1500 per person and per track.

Before one think about tracking or having gorilla tracking safaris a number of things have to be considered including the type of the company one is to partner with to make all the safari arrangements, but as a person who have had a number of journeys to Africa, Nature Adventure can do it better for every client without any irregularities. Gorillas are so interesting to watch since they are too unique than any other primates ranging from the sizes and characters. We arranged a 07 Day gorilla tracking safari to Uganda with Moses, but before we had to send him some money to enable him book most of the equipments we were to use, lodges and the gorilla tracking permits since they are always limited to a certain period.

Since it was a peak period, gorilla permits were selling like hot cakes in Uganda, a nice itinerary was sent to us to show how we were to spend the days and the lodges we were to sleep in. Uganda since it’s the king habitant of gorillas, it has got over fourteen groups of gorillas all located in the four designated sectors of Ruhija, Nkuringo, Buhoma and Rushaga in Bwindi impenetrable national park where as others are in Mgahinga national park both in the south western Uganda with nice cold weather conditions which is regarded to be the best for gorilla surviving.

At this moment we were to track the Ruhija gorilla group, having reached at 5am, we were picked from the airport and we headed to Bwindi via Kampala – Kabale – Ruhija road which is both tarmac and Murram and this took us about 8hours on the way and in this process, we were un able to do tracking since according to the park’s policies gorilla tracking starts as early as at 8am in the morning.

Good enough we were in a 4×4 wheel super custom, here we slept at Ruhija Gorilla Safari Lodge where we enjoyed the natural environment as well as both the indoor and outdoor activities plus Free Wi – Fi Internet Connection, DSTV, Hair dryer, Gift Shop with the Best Unique Gifts, Tea and Coffee making Facilities, traditional entertainment and the fully stocked bar. After enjoying the dinner we were taken to our rooms and early in the morning at around 6am, Emma our driver was already at the lodge for pick up.

At exactly 7am we were at the park headquarters while being briefed by the rangers and at 8 we started tracking as we carried our snacks plus drinking water since we were uncertain of the time we were to find the gorillas. it was too hectic as we passed through thick forests and the coldness in the park as snow was flowing allover and seeing where we were heading was time consuming. Fortunately, gorillas had spent their night around and this saved us from moving for a long time, we used 2 hours as we were tracking.

While in Bwindi, one can’t get amazed to see monkeys jumping over the trees as they shout it loud in a way of being suspicious to the people in their territories, we were only allowed to spend 1hour with the gorillas but my friend Agnes never wanted to leave the sector as she was surprised by the silver back gorillas with their characters resembling to those of human beings in the way it was giving security to the baby gorillas. She insisted up to when she bought another permit the following day as for us we were busy at the lodge enjoying the indoor games plus taking some beers, she went back again the next day for tracking.

Gorillas have a distinctive shape in that their stomachs are larger than their chests. Their stomach size is attributed to their enlarged intestines, which digest the bulky fibrous vegetation they consume; male gorillas weigh about 220kg as compared to the female ones that weigh about 92kgs. Although they are too capable of walking on two feet, they mostly walk as quadruped. What amazed us was the adult gorillas that were lacking hair on their fingers, palms, soles, nose, lips, ears, and chest.

On the fourth day after tea, we were given our packed lunch and it was around 10am, we started our journey back to Kampala as my colleagues were taking photos since our vehicle was open roof. We reached Kampala at 8pm but we just went to Entebbe at Protea Hotel for an overnight. In the morning we took our warm tea as some were enjoying the swimming in the pool. At 10am we were taken to the airport for our departure at exactly 12pm.