Gorilla Tracking in Volcanoes: A life time adventure.

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Volcanoes National Park is the oldest African protected area; it was gazetted a national park in 1925 while still part of great Virunga conservation zone.  The purpose of  making this a protected area was to save the Mountain Gorillas, which were intensively hunted and on the brink of extinction by

Galiwango – A Gorilla Film in Luganda Promoting Conservation

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Mountain Gorilla infant rides dorsally on mother. This great ape speaks out and educates about the forest, gorilla conservation and the problems it faces in the wild. Solomon W. Jagwe, a Ugandan native, has written and is currently directing a mountain gorilla conservation film titled “Galiwango, Obulamu Bwe’Kisodde”, meaning “The

About Dian Fossey : The found Of Rwanda Gorilla

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People from different parts of world visit Rwanda for mountain gorilla trekking safari and Dian Fossey but they do not Know how real Dian Fosse was, here is a summary of her life.  She was born in San Francisco, California and was a daughter of Kathryn Kitty, a fashion model.

Rwanda Leading wildlife conservation in East Africa

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Africa wildlife animals are prized and adorable when it comes to observing them in the wild along with driver guides and game rangers though some people consider them to be a source of income, and food for their survival. Thanks to whoever brought the idea of manufacturing cameras of all

The Mystery Surrounding Dian Fossey

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Dian Fossy was an American zoologist who spent the better part of her life at a remote camp high up on the slopes of the virungas studying the mountain gorillas. Without her tenacious efforts to have poaching stamped out, and the work of commited local since her violent murder, there

The Morphological Discussion Between Human Race And Gorillas

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Formerly, Human beings were separated and put in their own taxonomic family known as the hominidae while the apes were normally put under the pongidae.This separation was mainly based on certain anatomical specialisations, mainly the highly developed human brain and the unique locomotion. More recently, most experts have concluded that

Mountain Gorilla Crisis Call for More Conservation Efforts

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Mountain Gorillas are magical creatures which amuse every tourist no matter how hard one can be and most tourists only look at meeting up the Gorilla permit price $750 than boosting the gorilla conservation project which often struggle for the survival of the beautiful apes which draw every tourists a

24 Young Gorillas Named at 2015 Kwita Izina

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On Saturday 5th September, 2015 over 24 young gorillas born from June 2014 to September 2015 were named at the annual gorilla naming ceremony held in Musanze District at the foothills of the Virunga Volcanoes in Northern Rwanda. This well attended annual event was the peak of the tourism week

Two New Gorilla Groups Opened for Gorilla Tourism

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Gorilla tourism is thriving in Uganda, a country with more than half of the total remaining world’s population of the mountain gorillas. The Good news coming from Uganda states the number of gorilla groups open for gorilla tourism have increased in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park. The two new gorilla